Pratt & Whitney Power Systems is entering the Turkish renewable energy market by selling three modular PureCycle Organic Rankine Cycle units, which can generate up to 780 kW of net geothermal power.

The Jeoden Electricity production project, located in Denizli, near Izmir, Turkey, is expected to be operational by April. Existing low-temperature geothermal resources, at about 120°C, will be used to fuel three PureCycle systems, the company said.

The PureCycle system is a closed-cycle process that uses relatively low to moderate-temperature hot water resources. Turboden’s products use a similar process to provide up to 10 MW of energy. These systems are driven by a simple evaporation process and are entirely enclosed, which means they produce virtually no emissions, according to Pratt & Whitney.

The project will be installed, owned and operated by Jeoden Geothermal, a joint venture between NRG Enerji and MDO Group.


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