MAN Diesel & Turbo has introduced its liquid ME-GI (liquid gas injection) engine, which is a variant of the company’s ME-GI engine. The new engine, fueled by liquid petroleum gas (LPG), is available in dual-fuel versions with the LPG-fueled version called ME-LGI.

The liquid ME-GI engine’s performance is equivalent in output, efficiency and r/min to the company’s ME-C and ME-B series of engines. Because the liquid ME-GI engine’s fuel system has few moving parts, it is more tolerant of different fuel types and can also run on DiMethyl Ether (DME), MAN Diesel & Turbo said.

The new engine uses liquid gas for injection from the tank to the engine, while the non-cryogenic pumps can be used to generate the required pressure, the company said. The liquid ME-GI engine also reduces emissions, such as SOx, CO2 and particulate matter, due to its fuel source.


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