The Aliaga power plant in Aliaga, Turkey, was inaugurated on Sept. 29, 2010. It is so far Wärtsilä’s largest gasfired power plant based on reciprocating technology. The Aliaga combined-cycle power plant, situated within ALOSBI, has been built in three phases. The first phase was contracted in 2006, with two extensions added later in 2008. Wärtsilä equipment was specified for all three stages of the plant’s development. Altogether, the power plant has 28 Wärtsilä 20V34SG gas-fired generating sets and two steam turbines manufactured by Skoda. The plant has the capability to produce more than 270 MW of electricity in combined-cycle mode.

The Aliaga, Turkey, combined-cycle gas power plant, producing more than 270 MW of electricity, is based on 28 Wärtsilä 20V34SG gas engines and two steam turbines in a combined-cycle arrangement.

The two steam turbines are connected on the steam side with exhaust gas boilers, one for each of the 28 gas engines. It is not necessary to operate all gas engines at the same time to provide steam, but about 20% of the gas engines have to be supplying steam to make the steam plant operate. The nominal steam conditions to the steam turbines are 15 bar and 340°C.

The main contractor for the entire plant has been the Turkish electrical engineering and contracting company Özyavru. It has had the total responsibility for the entire construction of the Aliaga Power Plant. Besides Wärtsilä being the supplier of the gas power generating sets and Skoda of the Czech Republic providing the steam turbines, a large number of Turkish subcontractors have been involved. Mavi Proje has done the civil works and the company HT provided the mechanical part of the plant. Balikesir Electromechanical Industrial Plants Corp. has delivered the bulk of transformers for the plant.

At the time of the inauguration, six of the Wärtsilä engines were running, with the remainder to come onstream as soon as the transmission line investment serving the plant has been completed. The electricity produced by the Aliaga plant will be sold to the Turkish spot market through a balancing mechanism, and will serve around 350 000 households.

An internal view from one of the two power buildings of the Aliaga plant shows a row of 12 Wärtsilä 20V34SG gas engines.

“This is a proud day for Wärtsilä,” said Vesa Riihimäki, group vice president, Wärtsilä Power Plants. “The Aliaga Cakmaktepe power plant is the world’s biggest gas-fired power plant based on reciprocating combustion engines. It stands as testimony to the efficiency and reliability of our power plant technology.”

Wärtsilä has a workshop located onsite to provide full-service support to the plant’s operations, and also maintains the first phase (four engines producing 35 MW of energy) of the Aliaga Cakmaktepe power plant under a maintenance agreement. “We are committed to fully supporting Turkey’s rapid economic growth with efficient electricity-generating solutions, and this commitment is evidenced by the fact that we already have two offices employing 110 people established in the country,” said Riihimäki.

Source: Diesel and Gas Turbines Magazine

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