MAN Diesel & Turbo will supply two twin-screw propulsion packages based on its MAN L48/60CR engines, Renk RSHL reduction gears and Alpha Mk 5 propellers for a contract involving two large rescue ships, the company said.

The rescue ships, which will be built by the CSSC GuangZhou HuangPu Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. in China, will be 117 m overall and have speeds up to 22 knots. They will be used by the BeiHai Rescue Bureau and DongHai Rescue Bureau.

MAN Diesel & Turbo’s four-stroke 48/60CR engines provide 1200 kW per cylinder at 500 r/min, and are incorporated into the twin diesel mechanical propulsion system. The six-cylinder 48/60CR engines will power the RSHL1000 reduction gears, according to the company. The first shipment for the equipment is set for October 2011, with the second shipment set for March 2012.


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