China Nuclear Firm to Disclose Incidents, Boost Operational Transparency
Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Co., an owner of the 1994-commissioned Daya Bay nuclear power plant north of Hong Kong, China, on Tuesday pledged to report all incidents at the plant—even minor ones—within two working days and boost efforts to increase operational transparency.

The company is speeding up disclosure because of public concerns about plant safety, even though its former practice of publishing minor incidents once a month, was “on par with international standards,” company executive Chan Siu-hung told Hong Kong English newspaper The Standard.

Daya Bay has two 944-MW pressurized water reactors based on a French 900-MW three–cooling loop design. The plant has been plagued with a series of problems, including a small radiation leak in a contained area, which was discovered on Oct. 23. Lawmakers told the plant’s operators that the leak should have been disclosed to the public immediately. Miniscule radiation also leaked into cooling water in a contained area of Daya Bay plant on May 23.

Source: The Standard, Hong Kong Nuclear Investment Co.

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