Brazil to Approve Four Nuclear Plants
Brazilian Minister of Mines and Energy Edison Lobao on Friday told reporters that the country could approve construction of four new nuclear plants. He said that the generating capacity of the new plants had not been determined yet, so there were no estimates on how much investment was needed to build the plants. Brazil currently has two nuclear plants, Angra 1 and 2, both in Angra dos Reis. A third unit for that site is in the planning stages and expected to come online in late 2015.

Lobao, who was reinstated as the country’s minister of mines and energy after serving in that post from January 2008 through March 2010 under exiting President Luiz Lula da Silva, said that two of the new plants should be built in northeast Brazil and the other two in the southeast of the country. Brazil is looking to secure power supplies and maintain the growth of its surging economy. The government planning arm predicts the country will need 6,000 MW of new nuclear capacity by 2030.

Key approvals for the massive 11,233-MW Belo Monte hydroelectric project proposed for the Xingu River will also be given as early as this February, Reuters quoted Lobao as saying. The first generating unit of that plant could be operating by February 2015.

Source: Brazil Ministry of Mines and Energy

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