German 1.1-GW Staudinger Coal Plant Gets Green Light
The German state governing council of Hesse last week partially approved a 1.1-GW coal-fired power plant proposed for construction by Germany firm E.ON at its Staudinger site. If E.ON receives clearance for actual operation of the plant, the plant will be the sixth block at the site, replacing three older units built in the 1960s and 1970s.

E.ON has reportedly said, however, that it would not decide on whether to build the €1.2 billion plant in central Germany until it considered the legal issues. The controversial project has been strongly opposed by environmental groups and residents. It has also reportedly been delayed by more than a year by the lengthy approval process.

Dow Jones Newswires quoted the governing council of Hesse as saying the first approval for the plant allows the firm to build plant facilities, including its boiler and cooling tower, and that it includes “fundamental regulations” that E.ON has to abide with when eventually operating the plant.

Sources: Dow Jones Newswires, E.ON

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