Intelligent Combustion Monitoring: Technology designed for two-stroke diesel engines, integrates ABB Cylmate system

Wärtsilä has introduced its intelligent combustion monitoring system for two-stroke diesel engines. The system monitors the condition of the components in the combustion chamber. According to Wärtsilä, the system can lead to fuel cost savings of up to 2% by running engines at optimal firing pressures. The system measures the pressures and angle values in each cylinder during the combustion process.

By monitoring the position of the crankshaft, and having a mathematical model of the engine, the system provides real-time data for diagnostic analysis, Wärtsilä said. The monitored data covers the thermal and mechanical overload of individual cylinders, the optimal fuel efficiency, power readings, cylinder conditions, load-dependent monitoring of the combustion parameters and comparisons between cylinders. The system also monitors gas leaks, exhaust valve components and fuel equipment.

Wärtsilä’s system integrates with the ABB Cylmate system, a feature made possible by a cooperation and distribution agreement Wärtsilä and ABB signed earlier this year. Under the agreement, Wärtsilä handles global sales, installation and lifetime service of the system. Any further development of the system’s technology will be carried out jointly by the two companies, Wärtsilä said. The Cylmate system is a tool developed by ABB for diesel engine performance monitoring. The system, which fits marine and power plant applications, measures the combustion pressure in each cylinder, continuously and in parallel, under all load conditions.

The Cylmate system consists of a pressure transducer on each cylinder and an angle transducer at the engine flywheel, which are all connected to the Cylmate transducer bus, ABB said. The system’s controller collects all measured data within each engine working cycle through the transducer bus. Evaluated data, alarms and events are sent through the system’s Ethernet LAN to the Cylmate operator station as well as other connected systems, according to ABB.

Similar to the Cylmate system Wärtsilä’s intelligent combustion monitoring system automatically transmits data to the company’s server for further evaluation by engine


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