GE Energy, Jenbacher Gas Engines
Power RangeGaseous Fuels: 250 to 9500 kW
New Engines
GE’s Jenbacher gas engines division introduced the new “H” generation of the J624 engine. The new two-stage turbocharging technology enabled a 10% increased specific output, from 4 MW of the J624 gas engine up to 4.4 MW. The electrical efficiency is 46.5% at standard ambient conditions and 46% at hot conditions, while the overall efficiency for CHP applications reaches up to 90%.

Field tests have been launched and the new engine will be available to customers worldwide by the summer of 2011. The new J920 gas engine is the largest in GE’s Jenbacher power generation gas engine range with electrical efficiency of 48.7% and an output of 9.5 MW in the 50 Hz version. See more elsewhere in this issue.

GE Jenbacher J624H
GE’s Jenbacher gas engine division introduced a revised version of its type 4 engine, called the new B version. The original type 4 engine has an output range from 0.8 MWe to 1.4 MWe. The new type 4 B version has a power output increase of 5% in the 50
Hz segment and electrical efficiency has been increased as well, said GE. The company said the technical improvements included optimization of the piston concept, new design of the suction manifold, new “blow-by” filter and air inlet filter concept, and new optimized knock control logic. continued on page 32 A further output increase of 5% and increase in efficiency of more than 0.5% is planned for the future 4C engine version.

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