The new Tognum production facility in Aiken, South Carolina, U.S.A., which will assemble the company’s MTU Series 2000 and 4000 engines, opened today.

The assembly lines are the first step in developing the plant into a broad production base in the United States. By spring 2011, Tognum plans to have a manufacturing department for components, with the possibility of expanding the plant in the future.

Since October, about 80 employees at the plant have been assembling engines for industrial and power generation applications. About 50 people from the region work with engine assembly, while the other 30 handle production-related matters. By summer 2011, Tognum anticipates another 50 jobs will be created to manufacture engine components.

Tognum has also established a special training program for its employees in cooperation with Aiken Technical College. Tognum obtained the 40 ha site in March 2010, which includes the 25 000 m² production building in the Sage Mills Industrial Park near Graniteville in Aiken County, South Carolina, U.S.A.


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