Gas Turbine Controls : Heinzmann’s Olympus Series targets OEMs, retrofits and upgrade applications

The Olympus series of gas turbine controls by Heinzmann UK offers a comprehensive system from a single independent supplier, suitable for many sizes, types and makes of gas turbine. Olympus is available for OEMs, retrofit and upgrade applications, and the manufacturer proposes a complete engineering package, starting with consultancy to work out a customized proposal and finishing with lifetime support.

The fuel frame by Heinzmann UK in a Rolls-Royce Avon turbine.

In the course of a project, Heinzmann UK will take care of the removal of original equipment and the installation and commissioning of the new equipment. Training of personnel is also available, as well as overhaul and maintenance service programs. Frequently, gas turbine control upgrades focus attention to fuel controls and automatic control panels.

The Heinzmann fuel system components include a liquid fuel metering pump, which replaces the conventional pump; throttle valve and regulator; the Heinzmann Evolution gas fuel metering, which uses industry standard control valves configurable to any turbine or gas fuel; and multifuel system, in which any number of fuel streams can be mixed gas/gas, liquid/liquid and gas/liquid. All these systems require only lowvoltage dc electric power to operate, plus an ac supply or mechanical drive to power the liquid metering pumps.

All are scalable to match any size of turbine, the company said, and in most applications, Olympus components are certified for operation in Division 1 hazardous areas. Olympus turbine control panels based on PLC technology comprise all turbine controls and protection functions such as power turbine speed governing, compressor turbine exit or exhaust temperature governing, inference flame monitoring, variable compressor geometry control, fuel splitting and automatic changeover, lube pressure and temperature monitoring, and start sequencing.

The Olympus turbine control panel can integrate controls for the driven equipment (generator, compressor, pump and instrumentation). It can also include additional monitoring of other systems, such as fuel treatment and storage, gas fuel compression, lubrication, pumps and cooling, waste heat boilers, intake air filtration and conditioning, motor controls, switchgear
and starter systems.

Heinzmann UK has already established a list of references, beginning with a supply of gas fuel systems to Siemens Light Industrial Turbine, of which 500 units in the field are equipped with
Heinzmann Olympus. Other referenced OEM turbines are the Mashproekt GT6000, Kawasaki
L20A and Motor-Sich GT2500. References for retrofit and upgrade projects include Kongsberg KG2; Solar Saturn, Centaur, Taurus and Mars; Rolls-Royce Olympus and Avon; Ruston TA and Tornado; GE frame 5; Westinghouse 501; Borsig 20 MW; ABB GT35; and GEC EM610.


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