Gas Turbine Power RangeElectric Generator Drive: 75 to 294 MW
Steam Turbine Power RangeElectric Generator Drive: 80 to 1200 MW
Recent Orders
Ansaldo Energia won a contract to supply a power-generation unit based on two AE94.2 gas turbines from Fingrid, the Finnish national operator for the production and distribution of electricity to be built in Forssa, Finland.

Company News
The company opened a new gas turbine repair center at the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD III) in Musaffah. The new service center is called Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf
and spans 3200 m2. Shrouds, seals, nozzles and the machining of turbine blades along with coating and heat treatments will all be offered and performed at the new workshop.


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