Power Range Diesel: 45 to 2610 kW Gaseous Fuel: 145 to 2000 kW
Company News Cummins announced it is expanding its high-horsepower technical center in Seymour, Indiana, U.S.A. The expansion will provide the company more opportunities for producing highhorsepower, clean diesel and natural gas
engines in the future, said Cummins.

Cummins said it plans to invest approximately US$100 million for the expansion resulting in about 200 engineering and manufacturing jobs over the next five years. Oil and Gas Transmission Cummins Oil and Gas group launched a new high-horsepower transmission for pressure pumping and fracturing markets with up to 2237 kW capacity. Part of a Cummins package for the well-servicing market, the QTR Series Transmissions are specifically designed for the demands of this market and to be paired with Cummins QSK50 and QSK60 engines, said the company.

Expanding Engine Range In conjunction with the expansion of the Seymour facility, Cummins said it is expanding its high-horsepower engine line with a new larger displacement engine for mining, power generation, marine, oil and gas, and rail markets. Specification details are not yet available.

Marine Certification Cummins Marine received a state ment of compliance from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certifying the QSK60 HPI auxiliary engine to IMO Tier 2 emission standards. The 60 L, 16-cylinder vee engine joins a lineup of IMO Tier 2 compliant propulsion and auxiliary engines from 78 to 1925 kW available from Cummins.

In anticipation of customer requests for mechanical marine engines meeting next-level global emission regulations, Cummins also received a statement of compliance from ABS
certifying the KTA19-D(M1) to IMO Tier 2 emission standards. The 19 L, six-cylinder, inline auxiliary engine features the Cummins PT mechanically controlled fuel system.

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