Contract And Engineering Activity Directed At Total Plant Maintenance Sulzer Turbo Services to meet all plant maintenance challenges

by roberto chellini

Sulzer Turbo Services (STS) is not only a maintenance provider for turbomachines, the Swiss company has skills and experience in assisting its customers in long-term plant maintenance. It also engineers modifications needed to upgrade rotating equipment according to the latest technology available. Often, sufficient time is not available to develop a maintenance plan designed to restore turbomachines to their original performance lost during long-term operation. Possible changes in the process parameters, introduction of emission restriction laws, cost of fuel, etc., call for upgrades, revamps and rationalization of the maintenance program in order to remain competitive in the marketplace.

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STS offers all the services required to meet these challenges. Its international organization comprises several workshops located in four continents and a number of regional offices, which ensures that specialized personnel are always available wheraffiliated ever the plant sites are located. This flexibility minimizes the downtime in the case of unexpected failure of machines vital to plant profitability. STS personnel comprise expertise in gas and steam turbines, centrifugal compressors, turboexpanders, pumps, power generation equipment and the balance of equipment in the plant. STS offers capabilities in design, logistics and manufacturing of spare parts directly from its own organization or through support of its wheraffiliated companies such as Sulzer Innotec. Also, it solicits services from a network of qualified partner suppliers.

Components do not always have to be replaced. Repair of expensive components such as gas turbine blades and vanes can be carried out to bring them back to as-new condition. The company’s philosophy is to focus on life extension of all components and guarantee a reduction in life-cycle costs.

STS repair capabilities include advanced technology gas turbines operating at high temperatures (F C class) as well as all types of turbomachinery ancillary equipment. The company has the capability of rerating, overhauling nd balancing all turbomachinery in use today, it said. Its technologically riven service is available to end users and operators of equipment produced by all main OEMs.

Besides the basic repair and overhaul sevices, STS also offers operational speed balancing, coatings, manufacturing of blades, nozzles, combustion sections, diaphragms and impellers, and automated advanced welding for rotor restoration. A team of experts is available to record onsite data and analyze it to solve possible rotor-dynamic problems.

STS not only carries out maintenance on spot calls, it is also organized to manage long-term maintenance and plant healthcare contracts. High-quality service, attention to details and speed are the goals STS strives to achieve. The Swiss company is ISO 9000 certified and ISO 14001 compliant.


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