Dresser Waukesha, a manufacturer of natural gas engines, has added 12- and 16-cylinder power generation units to its 275GL Series of high performance engines.

When packaged as an Enginator gen-set, the 16-cylinder 16V275GL+ model is rated 3480 kW at 1000 r/min and 3110 kW at 900 r/min. The 12-cylinder 12V275GL+ is rated 2600 kW at 1000 r/min and 2330 kW at 900 r/min. Both models are available as bare engines, with 1000 r/min ratings of 3610 kW and 2700 kW, respectively, the company said.

Both models are designed to operate at full power on fuels with heating values down to 26.3 MJ/m³ and at almost 70% load with fuels up to 92.4 MJ/m³. The 275GL Series engines will also operate at higher altitudes without derate, with the 12V275GL+ up to 1219 m and the 16V275GL+ up to 914 m, Dresser Waukesha said.

Both models are also capable of low emissions levels without aftertreatment, which corresponds to ½ TA Luft NOx levels and meets requirements for most non-attainment areas in the United States. The models are also equipped with the company’s ESM engine control system and a NOx sensor, according to the company.

Souce: www.dresser.com

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