ComAp Launches New Monitoring System Web-based system centralizes data onto a secure server

A new service for operators of generator fleets or similar plant equipment has been launched by Czech Republicbased electronics company ComAp. According to ComAp, based in Prague, its new WebSupervisor system enables the monitoring of equipment fitted with various types of ComAp controllers via the Internet from a remote PC or other web-enabled devices including smart phones, i-phones and/or web book.

Power Plant Maintenace a web-based monitoring system was launched

The web-based system addresses problems associated with monitoring the status of a large number of assets in the field by centralizing the data onto a secure central server, which the client can then access locally. “In the modern competitive world, fleet operators are looking to save operating costs any way they can,” said Mirek Novotny, ComAp’s product manager. “WebSupervisor helps them meet this goal by coordinating service teams with real time requirements.”

To use the system, the operator goes to the WebSupervisor webpage and after entering a username and password can view remote assets registered to that account. The fleet’s status can be viewed and operating changes made to optimize performance. The system can also issue an e-mail alert if needed by the operator. Individual users can have assets removed or added to their accounts. Individual rights can also be controlled, which means remote support teams can view the fleet in their area and coordinate activities locally without needing local infrastructure connected to the remote assets, said ComAp.

Other features include a range of reporting options allowing detailed reports for the individual fleet users and the ability to provide energy production reporting for cogeneration plants to monitor efficiency and availability. There is also the option of controlling multiple embedded generators used by electricity utilities to meet peak demands. The operator can remotely select which of the generators are part of the scheme and then start them when requested by the utility.

Regular updates via the Internet are provided and individual equipment can be checked to determine operating parameters and alarms, and general status and historical data can be kept, said ComAp. It added that the system is aimed specifically at operators of large remote fleets of equipment such as cellular telecoms, generator sets, rental generators, pumps and compressors.

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