The Konsolidator ultrafiltration system from KMS (Koch Membrane Systems) is designed for companies looking to reduce disposal wastewater costs in applications with high suspended solids.

The Konsolidator features KMS’ patented FEG tubular membranes. The ultrafiltration systems are available in five standard sizes ranging in flows from 3,000 to 100,000 gallons per day. Additional features of the Konsolidator include a control panel containing a programmable logic controller, a NEMA 12 enclosure, as well as pressure and temperature alarms, feed temperature and permeate flow indicators, inlet/outlet pressure gauges, optional cleaning skid, and an automatic purge mechanism.

Peter Bouchard, global director of marketing at KMS said: “Our products offer manufacturers an outstanding way to reduce wastewater discharge. The Konsolidator systems are inexpensive to install and easy to operate and maintain. The systems operate at maximum suspended solids concentrations without plugging minimizing pre-filtration requirements and allowing companies to concentrate waste volume. KMS has sold hundreds of these systems over the years and has seen a significant increase in companies looking to reduce their wastewater footprint and overall disposal costs.”

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