Under the terms of the contracts, H20 Innovation will provide custom-built water treatment systems and equipment to industrial and municipal end-users in Canada and the US.

For one contract, H2O Innovation will design, build, and deliver a reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration system to an industrial customer in Western Canada. The system will include green sand filters for the production of drinking water together with a wastewater treatment system using H20 Innovation’s patented Bio-Brane technology. Another of the contracts will see H2O Innovation design, manufacture, and deliver to an industrial client also located in Western Canada another Bio-Brane wastewater treatment system. H2O Innovation’s Bio-Brane technology is a high-efficiency IFAS MBR (integrated fixed-film activated sludge and membrane bioreactor) system.

Frédéric Dugré, president and CEO of H2O Innovation, said: “More than three-quarters of the total value of the contracts announced today come from industrial clients in the oil & gas, chemical and energy industries. Along with the industrial contracts we were awarded at the end of September, today’s contracts reaffirm the pick-up of our industrial sales.”

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