Universal, the Stoughton, Wisconsin, U.S.A.-headquartered supplier of acoustic and emissions technologies, has created a RICE NESHAP compliance program designed for diesel engine distributors.

The EPA’s RICE (Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engine) NESHAP (National Emission Standards on Hazardous Air Pollutants) will affect 900,000 diesel engines throughout the U.S., the agency said.

While most will require only work practice and reporting standards, more than 20% will likely need retrofit equipment such as diesel oxidation catalysts, catalyst temperature and backpressure monitors and crankcase filtration systems.

According to Universal, the retrofit revenue potential for diesel engine distributors is significant and the company’s program focuses on application specific features – area or major source designation, emergency or non-emergency engine application and engine horsepower – and provides program tools and training to educate distributors on the requirements to make engines RICE NESHAP compliant.

For more information: www.universalaet.com

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