ABB Turbocharging, INA Schaeffler KG Developing Advanced Variable Valve Train System

Under the name Valve Control Management (VCM), ABB Turbocharging and engine component specialists INA Schaeffler KG are developing an advanced variable valve train system.

VCM is being developed to attain low NOx emissions combined with optimized fuel efficiency and increased power density on the four-stroke diesel and gas engines of the future.

VCM is based on INA’s UniAir system for automotive engines, which allows variations of both valve timing and lift on four-stroke diesel and gas engines in the power range above 400 KW. A prototype of the new VCM system currently is going through tests, with the first results confirming the system’s potential for highly flexible valve timings on four-stroke engines.

VCM complements ABB Turbocharging’s Power2 two stage turbocharging system as enabling technologies of Miller Cycles on four-stroke diesel and gas engines. On diesel engines, Miller Cycles may reach an 80% reduction in NOx emissions.


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