The type series pumps are designed for a minimum of 20 years operation in a refinery under heavy-duty conditions for pressures of at least 40 bar.

The new type series from Nikkiso-KSB generates a maximum flow rate of 350 m³ per hour and a maximum discharge head of 200 m. The maximum permissible fluid temperature is +450°C. With permissible ambient temperatures ranging up to -50°C, the pump sets can also cope with rough climatic conditions.

The low-noise, up to 132 kW motors are fitted with a corrosion-resistant and energy-efficient can made of high-grade chrome nickel molybdenum alloy. Since the new pump sets feature in addition a flameproof motor housing, they have a true second outer shroud providing safety in case of damage to the can.

The pump shaft bearings are made from specially developed composite material of silicon carbide (SiC) and graphite. The product-lubricated plain bearings combine the good mechanical properties of SiC and the remarkable anti-seizure properties of graphite. Thanks to the bearing design, the pumps require no maintenance for three years in a row if operated properly.

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