Endesa, the Spanish energy supplier, has completed an extension to its power plant in Ceuta, Spain, with the installation and commissioning of an MAN 12V48/60B engine. MAN Diesel & Turbo Spain negotiated the contract for the new engine that includes the supply of an SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system.

The 12V18/60 engine is the fourth such engine installed at Ceuta, and has been Endesa’s engine of choice for many of its other power plants, said MAN. The integrated SCR system was implemented to reduce NOx emissions at the plant.

With this installation, four MAN 12V48/60 models now are operational at the power plant in Ceuta. The MAN 12V48/60B engine is a four-stroke, medium-speed diesel engine with turbocharger and cooling charge air that is specially designed to run on heavy fuel oil and diesel oil for start-up and shut-down procedures.

Source: www.mandieselturbo.com

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