KSB AG has officially opened its new production and test facility for large power station pumps with drive ratings of up to 50MW at its Frankenthal site in Germany.

KSB has been producing power station pumps with a drive rating of up to 50 MW at the new facility for the last year. The first performance test on the large pumps test bed, which is incorporated in the production facility, took place at the end of 2009.

The Frankenthal test facility is one of the world’s most powerful installations for power station pumps. It features a drive rating of 20 MW which can be extended to 40 MW. KSB can carry out tests with pressures of up to 500 bar and process temperatures of up to 220°C. Up to 3500 cubic metres of water can be handled per hour during these performance tests.

€40 million has been invested in the new production facility which covers an area of almost 11 000 sq m. The new building at the Frankenthal site is part of a €70 million investment that KSB has made over the last three years at three of its biggest German production sites.

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