MAN Diesel & Turbo’s first upgraded, 20-cylinder 28/33D prototype engine recently passed a series of tests on the test bed at the company’s French facility of St. Nazaire, and was awarded type approval by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) classification society.

The type approval covers a rating of 9100 kW at 1000 r/min for 100% MCR and an additional 10% overload capacity for one hour every six hours of 10 000 kW at 1032 r/min. The V28/33D engine range has 12-, 16- and 20-cylinder configurations, 280-mm bore and 330-mm stroke, and is compliant with IMO 2 and EPA Tier 2 regulations. The engine is tailored for multiple propulsion applications, including all types of fast ferry, naval ships, super-yachts; an STC (sequential turbocharging) edition; and as gen-sets for offshore applications.

The company said the new engine is characterized by a balanced ratio between power and weight, high performance, shock resistance, quiet running and high reliability for maximized availability. Additional design features include the new, in-house-developed safety and control system – SaCoSone – and the new, high-efficiency TCA33 turbocharger, which has been especially tuned for the V28/33D engine. Due to a higher pressure rate, the turbocharger can reach values of up to 500 kW per cylinder.

The development included an “Emissions Tier 2 package” featuring optimized injection system, optimized combustion chamber, Miller cycling, high-efficiency charge-air cooler, improved NOx/SFC/soot trade-off and simple customer connections for easy installation. Type approval from the remaining classification societies is planned for later this year and the first upgraded 20V28/33D engines on order are scheduled for delivery in Fall 2010.

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