The pump monitoring unit features pressure sensors and an analysing and display unit attached to the pump to measure suction, discharge and differential pressure and head.

The display on the PumpMeter from KSB, alternates the measured and calculated values. A typical pump curve graph illustrates in which range the pump is currently operating. So the pump user will see at a single glance if the pump provides efficient and cost-saving operation or if its availability is jeopardised.

PumpMeter continuously analyses the pump operating data, establishes a load profile and makes the operator aware of energy saving potential that could be leveraged by using a variable speed system. The monitoring unit simplifies commissioning of both the pump and the retrofitted variable speed system since the pump’s operating parameters are continuously displayed.

PumpMeter replaces the pressure gauges upstream and downstream of the pump, the pressure transmitter normally required for the control functions, as well as any additional monitoring equipment. Via standardised interfaces the data collected can also be made available to a central process control system

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