The Milliflex Quantum rapid microbial detection system from Millipore enables drug and vaccine manufacturers to respond to microorganism contamination earlier in the production process.

The Milliflex Quantum system, from Millipore, uses fluorescent staining and membrane filtration to test raw material in-process samples, final product and environmental samples. The system is non-destructive, enabling operators to grow microorganisms in order to identify them with standard ID technology.

The Milliflex Quantum system consists of a reader, camera and fluorescent reagents used in combination with the Milliflex PLUS pump, Milliflex filtration devices and media cassettes. The system is compact and easy to learn, for smooth integration into an existing laboratory set-up.

Roland Heinrich, Ph.D., vice president for Process Monitoring in Millipore’s Bioprocess Division, said: “The Milliflex Quantum system provides results faster than traditional testing methods. It is designed to significantly improve product quality management, helping customers to release product to the market sooner and avoid line shutdowns.”

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