MTU Onsite Energy, a business unit of Tognum, will install a gas turbine cogeneration plant for German combined heat and power plant operator Heizkraftwerk Halle-Trotha GmbH in Halle, Germany. The power plant is scheduled to be delivered in May 2011 with commercial operation to being in April 2012.

Along with the gas turbine, the scope of supply include gearbox, generator and air supply systems as well as control plant. The gas turbine plant was designed to fit into the specified building’s infrastructure.

The plant will be powered by a type LM6000 PF Sprint gas turbine from General Electric to generate 50 MW of electrical power and 50 MW of thermal power. The plant will be able to supply heating needs or to exclusively meet peak and medium dmeand during transitional periods and summer months. The electricity will be fed to the power grid, while the thermal energy will be used to generate steam in a downstram waste heat boiler.

“The choice was whether to overhaul the existing turbine or find a new solution,” said Matthias Krause, CEO of Heizkraftwerk Halle-Trotha GmbH. “We didn’t simply want a replacement for the old gas turbine. We were looking for an alternative which would give us greater flexibility in reacting to the demands of the market for power and heat.”

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