Bitzer has developed the ORBIT 8 Series of scroll compressors, which achieve higher efficiency levels through the optimisation of each compressor for its specific application.

One series of the ORBIT scroll compressors is optimized for air-cooled applications and heat pumps, while the other is suitable for water-cooled chiller operation. The ORBIT 8 Series of scroll compressors from Bitzer includes 6 displacements with cooling capacities from 15 to 40 tons at 60 Hz and has been specifically designed for R410A.

The ORBIT Boreal for water-cooled system reaches European seasonal energy efficiency ratio (ESEER) levels up to 15% higher than with a conventional scroll design. This has been achieved by an optimal compression ratio for lower condensing temperatures, such as those found in water-cooled applications. Adapted motors are used, resulting in better efficiency during part-load operation. The ORBIT 8 Series scroll compressors also feature a low oil circulation rate of less than 1%, which improves heat transfer.

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