NextEra Energy Resources, the nation’s leader in wind energy generation, has selected GE’s (NYSE: GE) WindBOOST* technology to enhance the output from its fleet of approximately 800 GE 1.5sle wind turbines.

GE’s WindBOOST control software makes it possible for GE 1.5sle wind turbines to increase output by up to 100 kilowatts, enhancing productivity from 1.5 to 1.6 megawatts (MW). Depending on wind speed and other site atmospheric conditions, the WindBOOST control automatically activates to increase the energy produced by each unit. Alternatively, WindBOOST can be turned on and off remotely, providing flexibility to ramp up power production.

WindBOOST enables a wind turbine to improve operation within the full IEC Type IIB design envelope. This expanded mode operation is expected to produce up to 4% more annual energy output per wind turbine. WindBOOST also provides “grid-friendly” features that balance increased output with grid integration requirements of a wind farm.

“Upgrading the GE wind turbines in our U.S. fleet gives us the opportunity for increased output with no significant hardware additions,” said Manny Sanchez, vice president, wind operations for NextEra Energy Resources. “Improving resources by increasing the productivity of our installed wind turbines is a significant benefit.”

“WindBOOST is part of a series of continuing GE technology advancements designed to help move the wind industry forward,” said Vic Abate, vice president—renewable energy, GE Power & Water. “NextEra’s investment in the WindBOOST technology is an excellent example of how GE’s development of wind turbine upgrades can allow owners to improve performance and maximize revenue over the life of the turbine.”

WindBOOST is currently designed for both new and existing 60-hertz GE 1.5sle wind turbines, with plans to apply the technology to additional 1.5-MW models. GE is the largest U.S. supplier of wind turbines and the 1.5-MW machine is the workhorse of the company’s fleet, with more than 13,500 units now installed worldwide.

Based in Juno Beach, Fla., NextEra is a subsidiary of FPL Group. NextEra Energy Resources owns and operates various power generation facilities throughout the United States as well as Quebec and Nova Scotia in Canada.

* WindBOOST is a trademark of General Electric Company

Source: GE Energy

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