Advancements in Economizer Technology

Founded as a one-man operation in 1998 by Robert Krowech, HRST Inc. headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, U.S.A. specializes in heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) and waste heat boilers. Today, Krowech continues to serve as president of the company, which has three U.S. locations and capabilities to provide services in nearly every region of the […]

Wärtsilä plans to reduce its manufacturing footprint and to move part of production to China

Wärtsilä has analysed its manufacturing footprint as announced in October. To adjust to the fundamental changes in the market Wärtsilä plans to reduce its manufacturing capacity. Wärtsilä also plans to move the majority of its propeller production and auxiliary engine production to China, close to the main marine markets. The current propeller manufacturing in Drunen, […]

Retrofit propeller solution gives significant fuel savings

An optimised propeller from MAN Diesel has helped the Scandlines passenger ferry, the M/V Sassnitz, achieve increased efficiency of 12% on its daily sail between Trelleborg, Sweden and Sassnitz, Germany. Scandlines is one of Europe’s largest ferry companies, a result of the fusion between the largest, national ferry lines in Denmark and Germany. Business is […]

Wärtsilä receives power plant order from Greek islands

Wärtsilä’s flexible power solution also includes state-of-the-art and cost efficient emissions cleaning technology to meet the strict quality and environmental standards and the readiness to convert the engines to run on gas. Wärtsilä, a leading provider of flexible decentralised power generation solutions, has been contracted to supply the equipment and engineering for a new power […]

NOx reduction milestone

In a significant step, the Augsburg branch of PrimeServ, MAN Diesel’s after-sales group, has successfully retrofitted an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system aboard a Norwegian tanker. This represents the first time that MAN Diesel PrimeServ alone has project-managed, sold and put such a system into commission on a marine, medium-speed engine. The project also marks […]

NOV Mono has extended its Mono Universal Parts range of replacement wear parts for other manufacturers’ pumps

NOV Mono has extended its Mono Universal Parts range of replacement wear parts for other manufacturers’ pumps with its range of 2/3 geometry rotors. The range of geometry rotors allow an increase in flow capacity by up to one and a half times, without the need to increase the stator tube size. Mono says that […]