The power generation and oil and gas industries are often situated in difficult and hard to reach geographical locations, and their harsh operating environments present an even more challenging task compared to other applications. Because of this, the aftermarket industry has a significant need for rapidly developed and deployable connectivity technology delivered over private and highly secure network infrastructures that can specifically reach into and deliver to those difficult environments.

Paradox Engineering’s global coverage enables worldwide extensions of its operations and services
Paradox Engineering’s global coverage enables worldwide extensions of its operations and services

Paradox Engineering, a Swiss-based company, is developing and managing turnkey “one-stop-shop” connectivity technology that can be delivered globally through hybrid network systems founded on its Virtual Network Operator (VNO) philosophy. The company specializes in the creation, deployment and management of fast, secure and highly reliable connectivity and monitoring technology. It offers 24/7 data collection and transmission, connecting machinery through machine to business (M2B) systems. These systems will enable and harness the full value of condition monitoring and performance-based maintenance, and ultimately improve financial benefit.

“Of course, satellite communication is the global solution anytime, anywhere, to link customers to the world when they need to operate in remote areas where there are no landlines or if there is an insufficient telecom infrastructure to rely on,” said Giovanni Minetti, founder and president of Paradox Engineering. “We always use a mix of network solutions, hence the term hybrid, with the goal of relieving our customers from managing the unnecessary complexities of connectivity.”

Paradox Engineering’s hybrid network systems are a mix of the most appropriate technologies, consisting of satellite, virtual private network (VPN) over the Internet, or even implemented on top of a customer’s existing network infrastructure leveraging investment and network reach that customers have already made.

Paradox Engineering also delivers cost-efficient communication through Voice over Wireless Lan (VoWLAN) and Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies that are fully integrated and supported by their hybrid network systems. This provides customers with additional tools to maximize operational efficiencies through the reduction of costs rising from the extensive use of mobile phones. All calls coming from customer re sources at remote industrial plants and machinery can be made using IP phones, often embedded in today’s multifunction cellular telephones that are WiFi ready, riding over a secure wireless perimeter, which is an optional yet integral feature of Paradox Engineering’s connectivity systems.

“We have already successfully connected over 600 sites worldwide in West Africa, China, India, Russia, the Middle-East, the Gulf and Southeast Asia for major players in the power generation and oil and gas industries, banking networks and construction companies,” said Minetti. “In today’s world, we understand the advantage we offer to our clients. We have a light, streamlined yet highly flexible organization, allowing us to rapidly implement turnkey and ‘one-stop-shop’ connectivity solutions all over our private business network.”

Paradox Engineering, through its division of hardware design and manufacturing, recently released a wireless sensor network system for industrial environments that allows rapid deployment and low impact implementation of a metering/sensor network for basically any type of industrial machinery.

“This allows Paradox Engineering customers to further harness, improve and expand their aftermarket remote monitoring and diagnostic services in the field through rapid and straight-forward implementation, bypassing the requirement and complexity of wired cabling in their industrial environments,” said Minetti. “Move data, not people. This is truly business beyond boundaries.”


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