Korea becomes world’s third country to commercialize this product after Germany, Japan

Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction (President & CEO Geewon Park) has successfully & independently developed large HP & LP rotor forgings for USC thermal power plants. These rotor forgings have required the use of the highest level of technologies when compared to other turbine components. This makes Korea the third country in the world after Germany and Japan to develop the technology.

Large rotor forgings, which are installed in USC power plants, require cutting- edge technologies, including; ESR (Electro Slag Remelting) refining, differential heat treatment and overlay welding techniques. Korea has previously imported all large HP rotor forgings for domestic USC coal-fired power plants. Doosan has participated in a government backed project on research and development of large turbine rotors since 2003 amid the trend of increasingly efficient power plants.

The company succeeded in the development of related technologies in 2006, and produced several trial products. Since then, it has been conducting evaluation of creep and fatigue properties and microstructural stability for three years spanning over 30,000 hours to assess the product’s reliability.

C. J. Yoon, Executive Vice President of Doosan (CTO, Corporate R&D Institute), said, “The development of the technology is an exemplary case that demonstrates the company’s capacity in technology management and the ability to carry out a state funded project,” adding, “The technology has not only laid the foundation for a stable supply of materials to Korean power plants, but is expected to allow for export to foreign markets from now on.”

Doosan has recently received orders for two 10Cr HP and three differential heat treated LP rotor forgings for use in 600°C-class USC power plants from overseas. The company is also expected to supply its turbine rotors to USC thermal power plants that are planned to be constructed in Korea in the coming years, thus generating import substitutions worth 70 billion Won, and providing exports to foreign markets.

The new core technology developed by Doosan can be widely applied to various high value-added components and materials, including fourth generation nuclear power plants, petrochemical plants, gas turbines, and core parts for industrial machinery in the coming years. As such it is expected to spawn synergistic effects with supply of materials for related industries.

* Ultra Super Critical Power Generation This refers to a power generation in which the pressure of steam reaches over 246kg/cm2 and its temperature rises above 593°C. Usually, increasing the steam pressure and temperature results in a more efficient use of resources for power generation.

Source: Doosan

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