The DOW Ultrafiltration SFP-2880 filtration technology from Dow Water & Process Solutions passed the California Water Recycling Criteria performance tests through demonstrating the filtered water did not exceed 0.2 Nephelometric turbidity units (NTU) more than 5% of the time in a 24-hour period and 0.5 NTU at any time

Offering 50% more membrane active area while maintaining a small footprint, the DOW Ultrafiltration SFP-2880 allows flexibility in system design by reducing the number of modules, required piping, skid infrastructure, and the size of the compressed air and clean in place systems. The technology utilizes in the DOW Ultrafiltration SFP-2880 is the same 0.03 µm hollow fiber membrane and pressurized ultrafiltration module that was tested and certified under NSF/ANSI 61 for use in drinking water installations.

Fabrien Creus, strategic marketing manager for Dow Water & Process Solutions said: “Receiving this certification from the State of California for our highest productivity pressurized ultrafiltration element reaffirms Dow’s commitment to sustainability. Water scarcity and quality are two significant issues facing our world today, and we’re pleased that our high-quality ultrafiltration technology is setting the standard around recycled water.”

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