The Square D Pumptrol 9013 pressure switch line now features Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)-compliant Chromate 3 plating, which reduces the potential for corrosion and rust through a more environmentally friendly plating material composition
Covering all metal parts of the Square D Pumptrol 9013, the Chromate 3 plating protects the switch’s key mechanical components. The diaphragm of the Square D Pumptrol 9013 is manufactured to US Food & Drug Administration specification CFR 177.2600, making the switches certified for potable drinking water systems, while meeting lead content restrictions for plumbing fixtures.

Square D Pumptrol 9013 pressure switches from Schneider Electric also meet the requirements of California Proposition 65, along with California’s new AB 1953 regulations and Vermont law No.193/S.152, both of which require that materials delivering drinking water have less than 0.25% lead content.

Jack Creamer, Schneider Electric pump segment manager said: “We are confident that users will find these environmentally friendly additions to the Square D brand Pumptrol 9013 pressure switches a valuable benefit to their systems’ reliability and application in ecological-sensitive environments. As always, our goal is to meet the daily needs of the water systems industry.”

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