Engine manufacturer Dresser Waukesha, has introduced the 12-cylinder 12V275GL engine for gas compression applications. The new 12V275GL engine is rated at 3375 bhp at 1000 r/min, which is an 8% increase over its predecessor, the 12-cylinder ATGL. Dresser Waukesha indicated that the new model incorporates design and engineering updates as well as an enhanced engine control system. The company said the result is an engine designed to maximize efficiency and minimize fuel costs while greatly simplifying and improving packaging, operation and service, all while retaining the robust construction and reliable operation for which its predecessor ATGL model is known.

“Based on my experience with this engine platform and the ESM control system, the new 12V275GL will deliver improved load response, fuel tolerance and starting capability,” said Ron Delisle, director of compression sales and engineering at Canada’s Propak Systems Ltd. “When you combine these performance enhancements with the higher power rating and the packagability upgrades, I believe Waukesha has created a world-class natural gas engine.”

Standard on 275GL Series engines is an enhanced version of Waukesha’s total engine control system, the Engine System Manager (ESM). ESM optimizes engine performance and maximizes uptime by integrating spark timing control, turbocharger control, speed governing, knock detection, start-stop control, diagnostic tools, fault logging, engine safeties and air/fuel ratio (AFR) control. ESM is factory-mounted, calibrated and tested to minimize on-site set-up requirements.

Dresser Waukesha said that engines in the 275GL Series also are equipped with factory-mounted lube oil and cooling systems, which reduce the time and cost required to design, fabricate, and integrate the engine into a compressor package. Other features include an upgraded oil filtration system with plate-type oil cooler and spin-on disposable lube oil filter elements, and quick disconnects for ignition coils and thermocouples. In addition, improvements to the fuel and exhaust systems of the 12V275GL create a more standardized platform between the 12 and 16-cylinder models.

For more information: www.dresserwaukesha.com

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