Atmocean’s ocean wave-energy pump technology will be featured at The Copenhagen Climate Exchange next month under the theme “More Fish – Less CO2”. The Copenhagen Climate Exchange takes place 3–6 December 2009, the week before COP15, the official UN climate summit, in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In his presentation scheduled for 3 December 2009, Atmocean CEO Philip Kithil will explain how the company’s ocean pumps bring up nutrient-rich water from 125 metres deep, to increase the growth of plankton. More plankton naturally absorb more CO2 while providing more food for ocean fish. The pump technology closely mimics natural upwelling, does not add any foreign material or chemical to the ocean and is low cost.

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, Atmocean has conducted ocean testing from port cities worldwide, including Galveston, Texas; St Georges, Bermuda; San Diego, Long Beach, and Santa Barbara California; and Honolulu, Hawaii; with plans for Ensenada, Mexico and Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain. With pump deployment starting in 2010, Atmocean will measure and quantify any side effects, while verifying ocean absorption rates and increases in fish populations. Atmocean intends to manufacture its pumps in host countries worldwide to maximize the economic benefits.

“This unilateral approach can greatly accelerate tangible mitigation of climate change and global warming, and could spur multilateral and international actions, as host countries employing Atmocean pumps gain competitive advantages against the laggards,” says Kithil.

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