Alstom and Schlumberger recently announced an agreement for mutual collaboration in the joint offering of carbon capture and storage (CCS)-readiness studies. These studies will conduct a technical analysis of a power plant to identify how it should be adapted to accomodate an Alstom CCS system.

The studies will also include an evaluation of potential CO2 storage sites for the power plant, as well as an evaluation of required investments for future CO2 transport and storage. The offer is designed to facilitate the future conversion of power plants to CCS and the securing of environmental permits as well as optimizing time-to-market periods and associated costs. Assessing this readiness will be a mandatory requirement for all large fossil-fuelled power plants in Europe by 2011.

The first wave of large-scale CCS demonstration plants–AEP’s Mountaineer in the US or Vattenfall’s Schwarze Pumpe in Germany–require an integrated approach along the value chain. This agreement is designed to offer comprehensive service, both for new and existing power plants.

Under this agreement, Alstom will provide its know-how in post-combustion and oxy-combustion capture technologies along with its Plant Integrator experience. Schlumberger Carbon Services brings the resources, technologies, and expertise in managing all phases of geological carbon-dioxide storage projects.

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