LM6000 SPRINT™ Gas Turbine Generator Set

The Inter-cooled Engine that Increases Power Output The LM6000 SPRINT™ combines the best simplecycle heat rate of any industrial gas turbine in its class today with a spray inter-cooling design that significantly increases the mass airflow by cooling the air
during the compression process.

The result is more power, a better heat rate and a gas turbine without any increase in maintenance costs. The Hotter It Gets, The More Effectively It Runs SPRINT’s™ effectiveness is even more pronounced in hot weather—power output is increased by 9% at ISO and is increased by more than 20% on 90° days. It is like having an evaporative cooler built within the gas turbine. As ambient temperature rises, the benefits of a SPRINT™ engine become more significant.

The SPRINT™ Solution
The SPRINT™ system is based on an atomized water spray injected through spray nozzles into the compressor. Water is atomized using high-pressure air taken off of eighth stage air bleed. The water-flow rate is metered, using the appropriate engine control schedules.

LM6000 Package

The SPRINT™ Solution at Work
On high-pressure ratio gas turbines such as the LM6000, the compressor discharge temperature is often the criteria that limits power output because compressed air is used to cool the hot section components. By pre-cooling the LM6000 compressor with a mico-mist of water, the compressor inlet temperature and outlet temperature are significantly reduced. Thus, the compressor outlet temperature limitation is reduced allowing the LM6000 to operate on its natural firing temperature control. The result is higher output and better efficiency.

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  1. We are in need of a GE LM6000 Gas turbine generator, preferably 60HZ can take 50, must be new, ready to buy immediately.

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