EmeraChem Announces PM Guarantees Using EMx Technology

EmeraChem Power LLC announced that it has established a Particulate Matter guarantee of 10 microns or less (PM10) at 50% when applying its EMx technology to natural gas fired turbines. The guarantee of 50% reduction is above and beyond that of the turbine manufacturer’s published PM10 emission guarantee.

According to the company, EMx is one of the most advanced multi-pollutant emission control technology available today for gas turbines. Available since 1997, and with over 430,000 commercial operating hours on natural gas fired turbines, this Ammonia Free Reduction technology (AFR) is a single catalytic system that yields near zero emissions of NOx, SOx, CO and VOC’s. Over the past 10 years both laboratory and field measurements have shown that EMx technology reduces PM10 emissions between 50 and 70%.

EmeraChem said that its EMx systems consistently and reliably delivers NOx reduction levels of less than 1.5 ppm, PM reductions of 50%, nearly undetectable levels of CO and VOC emissions, and SOx reductions of 95% or better when using the sulfur scrubber option. Due to the broad operating capability of the technology, EMx achieves significant reductions of all criteria pollutants during cold starts, load changes and potential turbine upsets.

EmeraChem Power designs and manufactures NOx and SOx emission control systems for both power generation and industrial processes including duel fuel Gas Turbines (GT’s), Internal Combustion Engines (ICE’s) , Industrial Boilers (IB), and Process Heaters. EmeraChem Power designs and builds Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems and is an authorized licensee of the EMx™ technology.

For more information: www.emerachempower.com

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