Ludeca Introduces Centralign Ultra Alignment System

Centralign Ultra, developed for the alignment of steam and gas turbines, aligns internal elements with upper halves installed, or off and for distances up to 133 feet. Bore measurements can be made without interupting other work taking place in the turbine which saves time compared to traditional methods like piano wires, micrometers and optical instruments.

According to Ludeca, Centralign Ultra assures true bore center measurement and reveals bore out of roundness. Stable wireless data transmission ensures reliable and complete data transfer of information between the measuring sensors and the computer.

The Centralign Ultra brackets are specifically designed for ease of use and high accuracy. Brackets can be installed in magnetic or non-magnetic bores, and tops-on or tops-off configurations, with bore diameters from 4.75″ to 166.5″. The system includes the Alignment Center PC software bore application with turbine specific features and customizable color reports.

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