A Colorado airport has taken delivery of two Highland oil/water separators.
Colorado airport is expanding to meet safety demands with the addition of the 14 and 15th Highland Tank oil/water separators to the maintenance hangar and apron areas.

Aircrafts are serviced and fueled in these large concrete areas which are under strict regulations regarding the amount of jet fuel and other hydrocarbon pollutants present in the collected stormwater and wastewater. The 50,000 gallon and 10,000 gallon capacity oil/water separators will maintain the Federal EPA’s requirements for the limited discharge of pollutants in the water to be released into the environment.

The 38 ton, double-walled steel oil/water separators are manufactured to the UL SU2215 Construction and Performance Standard which maintains effluent quality to 10 PPM. Treated effluent flows from the fifteen separators into a 110″ main pipe which leads to a holding pond from which it is eventually released into the environment.

Highland Tank’s EZ-Access rectangular manway system was used in the construction of the oil/water separators to provide unobstructed access to the coalescers for removal and maintenance. The separators are protected by a STI-P3 external corrosion prevention system, consisting of a 15 ml heavy-duty polyurethane coating, electrical isolation system and sacrificial anodes.

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