The stainless steel submersible pumps from ITT Lowara are for 10 in and 12 in wells.
The Z10 & Z12 line of pumps from ITT Lowara have high corrosion and wear resistance even in aggressive environments, the company says. For highly aggressive water environments a full duplex version of the pump is also available.

The Z10 & Z12 line of pumps from ITT Lowars includes five main sizes, from the Z10150 with 150 m³/h nominal flow to the Z12420 which has a nominal flow of 420 m³/h. The complete range offers heads up to 545 m and flows up to 520 m³/h.

The pumps have a hydraulic efficiency that for almost every duty point between 120 m³/h and 460 m³/h is higher than 80%.

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