Dual Developments
When Regulateurs Europa (RE), a French specialist for engine governors and controls, joined the Heinzmann Group a few years ago, it brought together over 150 years of engine governing
and control experience. One of the benefits of this union has been dual development capabilities that have led to several new products.

The latest product jointly developed by the two companies is the Viking35 digital engine management control unit. The new product builds on the Viking25 by RE and takes the concept a step further, with increased CANbus communications and a more advanced microcontroller. Heinzmann contributed its technology to the unit by creating an improved output resolution.

Another new development is the RE 2800 series fuel rack actuator. The RE 2800 is a compact and powerful 40.7 Nm actuator with a self-contained hydraulic oil system and incorporates experience gained from the wide range of actuators supplied with the Viking series of digital engine management systems. The application is most suited to diesel engines in industrial and
power generating applications and is designed to work with the RE Viking electronic governor or other proprietaryunits. The inclusion of an integral speed pick-up reduces wiring and complexity for newbuilds and retrofits.

Building on the 2800 actuator design,a further shared venture has beento develop the DG2800 engine speed governor. This single unit consists of a2800 hydraulic actuator made by RE with an integrated digital Heinzmann electronic control and a built-in electronic, actual speed, detector. Therefore, the engine builder or user is getting all the advantages of a robust hydraulic governor together with the precise and comprehensive control associated with digital electronics in a single package.

The DG2800 integrates Heinzmann digital electronics with RE’s hydraulic experience, allowing the customer to access a wide range of programmable functions without the need for an offengine control unit and the complexity of measuring actual speed from the engine flywheel.

 The package is ideal for retrofit applications, as programming is done via a dedicated unit or the DcDesk 2000 running on a laptop PC. Another new product is the Iceni range of distributed I/O modules. These can be used to extend the Viking35 ECU or communicate with other PC or
PLC equipment. The DIN rail-mounted modules are designed to be costeffective and easy to configure via a color display keypad, without the need for a programmer. The Iceni range is
designed to encompass an engine environment, but also to be equally suited to a much wider role.


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