Tuning Gas Turbines by Satellite

GE Oil & Gas is using satellite connections to customer sites for the remote tuning and testing of gas turbine combustion systems at 11 pipeline stations owned by Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited (RGTIL) of Mumbai, India. This approach is enabling the project to be implemented with more speed, while also maintaining the required levels of reliability, efficiency and quality.

Remote tuning is being performed on 32 GE 10 and PGT25 gas turbines at pipeline compression stations located along the pipeline and is scheduled for completion at the end of November 2009. After this date future remote tuning activity will be extended under a long-term contractual service agreement. “RGTIL is committed to meeting aggressive gas transportation pipeline commissioning targets – so the efficient, reliable and rapid start-up of new gas turbines was critical,” said Jeff Nagel, Vice President Global Services, GE Oil & Gas. “Adding to the challenge was the fact that many of the pipeline stations are in remote locations. This project provides a model that we will replicate in future DLN tuning efforts for other customers.”

To meet the stringent requirements of this project, GE Oil & Gas implemented a remote tuning and commissioning strategy. The project relies on bridge-encrypted internet connection between servers at the GE Oil & Gas Florence, Italy headquarters and manually operated computer terminals located at the remote pipeline stations.

For more information: www.ge.com

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