Fuel Flexibility Opens Up New Markets For Siemens’ SGT-800

Siemens Energy´s SGT-800 industrial gas turbine can now be operated on a wider range of fuels. According to the company, the Dry Low Emissions (DLE) combustion system of the SGT-800 can achieve very low NOx and CO emissions in dual fuel applications without having to resort to steam or water injection and without complex control systems.

It has now been shown that the SGT-800 DLE system can operate with heavy hydrocarbons as well as on diluted natural gas with up to 50% nitrogen content while still maintaining impressive low emission levels. Siemens believes that these fuel flexibility initiatives will help increase its range of applications, particularly in the oil & gas industry, LNG regasification plants for example.

Testing has revealed that the DLE system can withstand large amounts of heavy hydrocarbons. Further tests with increased amounts of nitrogen were conducted on DLE system with results verifying that the Wobbe index range for diluted natural gases has now been expanded to 22-53 MJ/Nm³. The DLE system maintained its emissions levels in both test instances.

The 100th unit of of this turbine configuration has been recently sold to a refinery in Russia where one of the critical requirements was the capability to operation on various fuels. The unit was sold to Russian oil company, Rosneft who has now ordered 13 SGT-800 gas turbines from Siemens. Eastern Europe and Asia have become two of the most active markets for the SGT-800. Siemens has now sold 29 SGT-800s in Russia.

For more information: www.siemens.com

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