ABS has launched the ABS EffeX – a range of submersible sewage pumps driven by premium-efficiency motors that reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.
ABS says that the new ABS EffeX pumps are the world’s first submersible pumps with premium-efficiency motors. Described by ABS as a completely new concept in submersible wastewater pumping equipment, the new ABS EffeX range gives higher pump reliability, fewer blockages and lower operational costs.

“The need to cut energy consumption is high on the agenda for many operations, and water collection and treatment are no exception. We are the first in the world to introduce a series of submersible pumps using premium-efficiency motors that has been designed taking into account a greatly increased environmental focus and future legislation requirements. I am eagerly looking forward to developments for the ABS EffeX,” said Peter Aru, president and CEO of Cardo, ABS’s parent company.

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