Atlas Copco Compressors has launched a new range of oil-free scroll compressors which offer 100% oil-free air.

The new SF 17-22 kW range from Atlas Copco Compressors has been designed for point-of-use, oil-free air applications in locations such as hospitals, laboratories, breweries, university departments or within the pharmaceuticals production environment.

The SF 17 and 22 oil-free multi-scroll compressors consist of up to four new 5.5 kW compressor element modules, making it possible to adapt the compressor to the required application air demand with increased flexibility in comparison to the previous 3.7 kW element and the SF 11 to 15 kW models.

The SF 17-22 element modules can be combined in two different ways: the SF multi-core and the SF multi-duplex. The SF multi-core configuration enables economic operation by combining several 5.5 kW elements within one canopy. To save energy, one or more of the SF modules can be shut down whenever there is a reduction in air demand. Equally, if there is a future increase in plant air demand, the SF 17 can be upgraded to an SF 22 kW with the aid of a kit.
The SF multi-duplex consists of 1 or 2 elements, backed up respectively by 1 or 2 additional elements, integrated within a sound-insulated enclosure. This SF multi-duplex design is compliant with all the stringent redundancy standards that apply within the medical sector.

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