Chromalloy recently announced that it has acquired sole ownership of Turbine Services Ltd., a gas turbine engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) business that Chromalloy and TurboCare previously operated as a joint venture. Chromalloy now owns 100% stake in the business, which has operations in Scotland, Thailand and Australia.

In 2001, Chromalloy began Turbine Services in Glasgow, Scotland. Simultaneously, the company also developed an industrial gas turbine repair facility, Turbine Services Thailand, near its existing aerospace component repair facility in Bangkok. The company had also entered into a joint venture with Al Masaood Company, forming Masaood John Brown in the United Arab Emirates.

In 2003, Chromalloy United Kingdom Ltd. and Siemens Holdings plc entered into a 51/49 joint venture (restructured in 2008 to an 85/15 agreement) in Turbine Services Limited, offering services, parts and repairs on all turbine engine frame units, as part of a network of independent companies called Turbine Services Network. Turbine Services Limited, while a joint venture company, operated under the Siemens’ TurboCare brand.

Turbine Services, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Chromalloy, operates as a Chromalloy company with headquarters in Glasgow. The other service centers operate as Turbine Services Thailand, in Bangkok, and Australian Turbine Services, located just outside Perth. Turbine Services serves large frame turbine operators in the industrial and power generation segment.

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