Fast, Flame-Free Pipe-Joining Systems

The Pressfit pipe-joining system, produced by Victaulic, is a flame-free, pressto- connect system that joins stainlesssteel pipe in seconds. The Pressfit system is a safe alternative to welding and, according to the company, it installs up to five times faster than other joining systems. The Pressfit system consists of pipe, couplings, fittings and valves available in sizes from 15 to 50 mm.

The Pressfit system is ideal for a wide variety of process and utility applications requiring the corrosion-resistant properties of stainless steel. Since the risks associated with hazardous flames and fumes caused by welding stainless steel are eliminated, job-site safety is enhanced. In addition to the safety factor, the Victaulic Pressfit system requires 70% fewer man hours than welding. The need for costly skilled labor and other costs associated with fire watches and burn permits are also eliminated.

Victaulic said its Pressfit system for stainless steel has been specified and installed on thousands of process and utility systems worldwide. These systems include power, steel manufacturing, chemical, renewable fuel and food and beverage applications, among others. Victaulic Pressfit provides a uniform mechanical engagement of the fitting or valve onto the pipe, per ASME B31.1.3 and 31.9 requirements and ANSI class 150 systems up to a maximum
of 20.68 bar. All components of the Pressfit system are NSF compliant for potable water services.

The handheld tool utilized with this system is lightweight and doesn’t require flames or produce fumes. There is a separate jaw for each size; it comes with a portable stainless carrying case and is available in both electric and battery- operated versions.

Founded in 1925, Victaulic produces mechanical pipe joining systems for a full range of industrial, commercial and institutional piping applications. Headquartered in Easton, Pennsylvania, U.S.A., Victaulic has manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide and employs more than 3500 people. In addition to its line of mechanical pipe joining systems, Victaulic also offers services such as specification rewrites, drawing services, on-site training and engineering services support.

Victaulics Pressfit tecnology

Victaulic’s Pressfit technology offers a safe alternative to welding. The handheld pressing tool, shown here, available in electric and battery-powered options, does not  require flames or produce fumes.



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