Explosion Relief Valves for Dual-Fuel and Gas Engines

Hoerbiger recently introduced two new series of explosion relief valves for gaseous fuels: the EVT and EVM. The EVT series was designed especially for high pressure ranges. It is equipped with disc springs and is used in the intake manifolds and exhaust lines of dual-fuel and gas engines.

Conversely, the EVM series is dedicated to low pressure ranges. They are fitted with multiple coil springs and are installed in the exhaust gas lines of dual-fuel and gas engines and the downstream piping systems.

Hoerbiger added that all its explosion relief valves excel in the even discharge and distribution of the heat that arises after an explosion when the flame front passes the flame filter, and is extinguished while passing the flame arrester. The valve behavior was thoroughly tested and proved the explosions to be fairly harmless for man and machine.

According to the company, Hoerbiger’s explosion relief valves are virtually maintenance free. Unlike bursting discs, the valve is not destroyed during an explosion and it is immediately serviceable again.

As an added bonus, plant shutdown is not necessarily required, and due to the flameless pressure relief, discharge into confined compartments is possible.

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